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Welcome to Speed Dictations - a part of the Teeline Online group.  
If you are looking just for dictations to practise your shorthand, stenography or speed writing, we offer dictations ranging from 30 words per minute (wpm) to 120 words per minute (wpm). Our dictations are classified easy, medium and hard and range from 1 minute through to 4 minutes. There are around 25 dictations at each speed. As you go through the increased speeds, the amount of words in each passage will increase and therefore you will be adding new words to your dictation. 
You can use these dictations to help you build up your dictation speeds gradually, you can use them to test yourself, help prepare for your forthcoming exams.  
The dictations range from news articles, excerpts from books, correspondence and items of general interest.  
Here are some examples of our dictations:  
These dictations are brought to you by Teeline Online - an approved and trusted organisation who provide an online learning resource for those who wish to learn Teeline shorthand. This site is provided as an extra resource to those who now want to build up their speeds.  
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If you want to improve your Teeline shorthand skills we offer a number of online courses that may help you. Please check them out here

samplePractise practise practise

The best way to improve and build your speeds is to keep practising. The more you practise the quicker you will increase your speed. Once you are confident with the dictations we have prepared for you there are many other ways you can keep practising. Listening to the radio/television/audio books and writing as many words as you can. Don't worry if you don't get them all down - if you miss the odd word you can probably tell from the context of the sentence what the missing word should be when you come to transcribe your shorthand. Try to practise at least 30 minutes each day - even when you are watching the television.

We recommend you use a reporters spiral bound notebook with lines. Use a pen or pencil - whichever you feel most comfortable with.

sampleOther resources

All around you can find opportunities to practise your dictations. Turn on the radio - try to take dictation of the news and discussion programmes. Listen to songs and try to write down the lyrics. Television programmes - especially debating programmes are useful for getting a good range of words and trying to write these in your shorthand. Audio books are also a good resource to use - as well as enjoying the content you are also practising your outlines. Telephone messages, shopping lists, to do lists - write them all in shorthand. When at meetings or lectures try and imagine the words being said in Teeline outlines - especially if you don't find the content very riveting and are tending to let your mind wander!

sampleDo you want feedback?

If you want to continue learning Teeline or feel that you need to improve - then you can join our Teeline Lessons Online. out what options that are available to you. Our gold and platinum level courses include feedback on how you are doing


sampleAnything else we can help with?

Please use the form below to ask any further questions you may have. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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